Monday, 2 May 2011


As usual, anything that catches my eye usually inspires me to write… Though I have gone off on a tiny little tangent!


We each have a ragdoll;
a tiny little clone,
patched from our experiences,
stitched with colours of our hopes.

Mine is sitting quietly on a dusty, comfy chair,
between pink ink and paper,
with eyes of blue glass-buttons
and cherry-yarn bunched hair.

My seams are yet unfinished,
large stuffing-tufts on show,
as for little bows of happiness –
they wait patiently in row.

Some stitches are imperfect,
some material threadbare,
my fabric skin not peppered near-enough
with yellow darned here or there.

So, if your doll is tinged with purple,
or a little bluish-green,
leave your model in the sun
and fade until unseen.

(c) Copyright Jane Edwards 2011

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