Thursday, 25 March 2010

Enemy elements

Not to everyone's taste perhaps, but at risk of sounding rhetoric, I did say eclectic.

Enemy elements

Still, the water is tranquil, flowing it soothes;
a skilled pacifier,
it calms the outer twisted charred remains, as cruel
contorted black-hot embers spit nuggets of molten heat,
kindling barks;
a loud, cracking-bark; an imperceptible scream: ‘leave this place’,
heat so ferocious and brutal that even
the structure gives up the fight,
cinders float like crusaders making their escape
trapped in an upward spiral of rising heat -
they die and float through air and land in
a grave of ash.

A grave.
an ash grave; like the colour it leaves in its wake
awkward, bitter pain as the last breath
is expelled,
exultant, the flames lick the night and bite a wound so deep
it cannot be healed.

A torrent of aqua gurgles and smothers
the captured flames,
oppressed as they are oppressor;
balance is restored,
not without casualty – memories alight in the charred remains
long after they expire,
etched as twisted metal into the vacant landscape –
poignant as the edifice that once stood proud,
all that remains is grey,
a grey grave;
like the colour it leaves in its wake.

(c) copyright Jane Edwards 2010

Monday, 22 March 2010


I lay awake, breathing. Slow, I tell myself, slow and light.
I tense, awaiting the blow.
It does not come.

I smile a shared smile – our day peppered with happiness.
The heat cracks across my face.
Pain drills into my core.

It was me - my fault. I never learn.
Paint the mask more carefully tomorrow.
Be better; worthy.

The shrilling of the phone signals agitation.
Talk in hushed whisper - be more thoughtful.
I understand.

The heavy scent of alcohol hangs in the air - a silhouette in the doorway.
Bile rises.I sense it;

Float on clouds – they’re soft and comforting.
Free your mind like a wisp of wind.
This is not you – it is another.

I never thought I was ‘another’.
I tend my bruises and sit, in a pool of despair.
I drown in it.

A desperate ache fills me – a longing to be more.
But what if I lose?

Another biting word means I lose a fistful of hair.
Days pass.
I am alone - bleeding and alone.

I cry but tears do not come.
I cry rage. Rage for all the stolen chances.
For the life I should have led.

Hollow, I leave.
Not to contemplate the future, but now.
Now I can be me – be free to breathe and live. Not just in fear, but live.

(c) copyright Jane Edwards 2010

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Network addict

I guess I have Tommy L to thank for this little ditty after he provided some inspiration for my work! That got me to thinking, I'd really like other ideas for poetry topics, so send them my way people :) x

Network addict

A little something different, from alcohol or drug
Is a fix that's much more powerful, emanating from your hub

'Friends' to whom we don't speak, consume most of our time
Which rather sadly isn't shared within such close confine

Listen to the tapping, look at the screen glow
Another night out cancelled as the updates freely flow

'Friend request accepted' has us running in our droves
To see what ever happened next - is this something that you chose?

You can't seek comfort in a status, from the comic strip of life
Before you log-on next time, you really should think twice

Facebook, bebo, myspace - they are all much the same
The loss of social company is ever such a shame

(c) Jane Edwards 2010

Sunday, 14 March 2010


Sometimes in the darkness, I think I see your face
I blink just twice and look again, but the vision is erased
I want to have you with me - to love forever more
The speed at which you slipped away, rocked me to my core

A pool of light reflects you, but your energy escaped
With it, taking every dream leaving nothing in its place
I smell you on my pillow, and can taste you on my tongue
The salty tears run down my face and leave me feeling so alone

Are there answers in the echos that you've left within these walls?
When every night I wake up crying, I find it's your name I have called
Where can I go to find you? I miss you oh-so much
I hadn't planned to lose you - I need to feel your touch

My future is our memories, it hurts to think 'no more'
Of all the times we never shared - my heart is always yours
Please watch over and stay with me, I'll love you for all time
And one day soon I know we will, once again stand side by side

(c) copyright Jane Edwards 2010

Friday, 12 March 2010


Just one time it takes; that fatal mistake
The obsession grabs hold and by then it's too late
A cinder keeps glowing, long after it's gone
The ashtray a resting place while it sings its song:

You need me, it cries,
Your conscience, my home
I live in your psyche, your weakness; my friend
As long as I'm burning, the bond never ends

It whispers, and dances, that grey toxic cloud
It screams in your ears; but the sound isn't loud
A fizzle, a hiss, an ignited delight
By now you're addicted, one more fire at night

I'm winning, I'm on top - you're on the retreat
One more drag's been taken, you're knocked off your feet
Don't leave me, please, no. Just kiss me once more
By this time next year, they won't have a cure

I'm evil you see - let's not try to pretend
You've known for some time now, you can't be my friend
To leave me takes courage, a fight till the end
Some do it, I know - there are a lucky few. And to those that beat me, my hat's off to you

My message is clear: I think I've won
To those that disagree, a battle's begun
I dare you; a challenge - from the demon "your friend"
If you make me a ghost, I'll give you life back again

(c) copyright Jane Edwards 2010

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Musings from a train journey

This is the Britain I see today
From a cold lonely carriage on a clear winters day
Built up in some parts; run-down, unkempt
Though dotted vicinities it's clear heaven's sent

Morning dew as it sparkles, covers fields and hugs trees
The birds and the mice eat the breakfast it leaves
Great acres of moors show the lie of the land
Some carefully caressed by a keen farmers hand

Vivid, are colours,
Like light in the dark
Green velvety textures, upon rocks, stone and marsh
A pretty, live-picture without painting art

There are some stark contrasts that match this scene
Dumped washers and driers, cars and TV's
Landfills of rubbish, and tonnes of our waste
Will take years in their billions to clean up and replace

It costs nothing, to care and hold yours
One day we won't have it;
And we'll be the cause

(c) copyright Jane Edwards 2010

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Well, so far I haven't managed to galvanise myself into action and post anything on here, so I think it's about time I did... Love it or loathe it - here goes!


Believe it, refute it - the facts are all there
Read what you want to - pretend you don't care
Shallow decisions, not from heart or mind
Have left in their wake, a ticking of time

TICK: goes the hour, upon the world clock
TOCK: goes the hope as our face turns to shock
Prevention is simple, and better than cure
If we all pulled together, we'd achieve a lot more

The battle; be selfless - for it has begun
Is here, and it's now and it isn't for fun
Change just one small thing - it isn't a chore
Consider your actions for the outcome is yours

Carbon reduction? It isn't a trend
It's a must-have necessity, not means to an end
An end to consuming - of epic amounts
How much do you use...have you lost count?

TICK: from food, heat and travel to electrical waste
TOCK: to our landfills which run out of space
Money is nothing, when it leaves in its wake
A world that can never be fixed, or replaced

(c) Jane Edwards 2010