Thursday, 1 September 2011

Still blighted by writers block, I've decided to share some of my pics captured during my search for inspiration. Not my usual update, but pretty nonetheless. Enjoy!

One of Gormley's finest, suspended in mid-air
Manchester Art Gallery

Pretty pink petals
Tropical World, Roundhay Park

          Ten of my five a day :)
               Before & after

Birdhouse... Snapped at a distance due to my fear of pigeons!
York Maze

A burst of orange
Tropical World, Roundhay Park. 

Fabulous exhibit
Manchester Art Gallery

1 comment:

Thefear said...

Shame about the writers block however the photos are great you have an artistic eye for photography!a woman of many talents love the birdhouse one monochrome photography is my face mind u I don't like skyrats either they made me v Ill once!more photos would be good