Monday, 28 March 2011

The Ghost Trees

I came across this interesting Daily Mail article yesterday:

It describes a phenomenon I've never seen before, and even though slightly freaky (I would not like to be sat under that tree) it amazed me and inspired the following words. But, however inspiring, I recognise that my inspiration is as a result of some of the worst floods in eighty years and serves a timely reminder (at the end of climate week) that any change I can make which reduces the impact I have on the environment is worthwhile.

The ghost trees

Grey candy stands, resolute;
a webbed-ode
to survival. Spun-salvation,
contracting, with life.
Leaves, host to a silken jacket
- warmed against standing water –
to the eye. Vibrations;
a silent knell to the perpetrators
of disease. Synchronised spinnerets
to bring life, to
The Ghost Trees.

(c) Poem copyright, Jane Edwards 2011


joaquin carvel said...

that is truly amazing. and creepy, but in a beautiful way. i think you've written a comprable poem - a mix of wonder, a slight unease, but really, an "ode to survival". good to read here again.

Ink Champagne said...

Thanks. It is striking isn't it?!

Talking of good to read, glad to see you're back too... and as good as ever :)