Thursday, 31 March 2011

Nothing's in its place

Sometimes, when my eyes sting,
I see most clearly
When shadows shift and bring the day,
My choices,
lit in gloried sunshine,
But why is nothing in its place?
The stars were charted,
(childhood wisdom)
By certain times;
specific dates,
My outcome,
plotted; predetermined,
So why is nothing in its place?
Fulfilment's just around the corner,
I'm just one step away from grace,
My checklist,
to be filled in,
And that's why nothing's in its place.

(c) copyright Jane Edwards 2011


Thefear said...

I like this one,are u going to compile these into a book? Or maybe an mp3 audio book some truly creative poems here!

Ink Champagne said...

No, plans to do either - just sharing here for now... glad you like.

Thefear said...

You could record them as mp3s and have them as downloads and charge people for them just don't charge me lol u do have a talent which should be more widely heard , keep up the good work! X